5 Extraordinary Experiences on Madagascar’s Mainland

Remote yet accessible, Miavana by Tide + Tide is located at the very tip of Madagascar on a private island in a secluded archipelago. Two Robinson 66 helicopters open up a world of modern-day adventure, making Miavana the perfect jumping-off point for exploring Northern Madagascar.

This is a land still wholly wild, where you can experience nature in an authentic and immersive way. Fascinating creatures live amid remarkable landscapes, including many highly endemic and endangered species. A world of lemurs and chameleons, Madagascar is truly unlike any other place on Earth.

Take to the skies to discover 5 extraordinary experiences on the mainland.

5 Extraordinary Experiences on Madagascar's Mainland: Helicopter Excursions


Merely 20 minutes over turquoise seas and emerald forests lies Tattersali Camp, a unique community project run by our partners Fanamby in the Daraina reserve. Set out with our experienced guide on a short walk exploring a beautiful area well off the beaten track, in search of the Golden Crowned Sifaka, a critically endangered species found here and nowhere else.

5 Extraordinary Experiences on Madgascar's Mainland: Golden Crowned Lemur at Daraina

A lemur excursion par excellence. Anjahakely has a number of lemur species but the primary goal is to see the critically endangered Perrier’s Sifaka. This is the world’s only black lemur species, after which Fanamby’s Black Lemur Camp is named. Guests choosing this excursion over Daraina need to be relatively fit and passionate about the environment. There is also a chance to cool off in the natural pool at the foot of a waterfall.

5 Extraordinary Experiences on Madgascar's Mainland: Black Lemur at Anjahakely

Tsingy Rouge is a photogenic phenomenon. An unusual natural geological formation of red laterite, a type of stone and soil rich in iron and other minerals. The ‘Lavaka’ were caused by the erosion of the Irodo River, leaving behind soft strata with magnificent red and white formations. A hidden gem, where the beauty is also that you are unlikely to find many other visitors.

5 Extraordinary Experiences on Madgascar's Mainland: Tsingy Rouge

Image: Rod Waddington


Ankarana is known for its extraordinary spiny limestone landscape called ‘Tsingy’ (meaning ‘walking on tiptoe’) as well as its extensive underground network of caves and rivers, some of which contain crocodiles. Lemurs, chameleons and leaf-tailed geckos can be found in Ankarana’s dry, deciduous forests. This is a region of extremely high biodiversity, fossils and fascinating human history. Guests need to be fit and interested in ecology in order to get the most from this visit.

5 Extraordinary Experiences on Madgascar's Mainland: Ankarana National Park

Trek through leafy trails, chasing waterfalls in a tropical rainforest that has its own microclimate. Amber Mountain National Park is renowned for its abundant plant life with many endemic species of trees, ferns and orchids. Several species of lemur occur here and a variety of chameleon, including one of the world’s smallest vertebrates, the minute Brookesia.

5 Extraordinary Experiences on Madgascar's Mainland: Amber Mountain

Image: Maurits Vermeulen

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