Not Your Average Fishing Trip

For those who love early mornings on the water, just you, your fishing rod and a day full of possibility ahead, the urge to seek out the next great angling destination is never-ending. With lakes and rivers crisscrossing the world, there’s plenty of beautiful places to fish, but none compare to the wilds of the Lower Zambezi.

This isn’t your average fishing trip.

Fishing on the Lower Zambezi

Under the watchful eye of ancient baobabs and the escarpment, the mighty Zambezi River meanders languidly, beckoning to wildlife from across the valley to refresh themselves along its banks. While you cast from the boat, elephants feed on the lush trees lining the river and the bellows of hippos echo across the water.

As you battle with the monster tigerfish thrashing at the end of your line, fish eagles fly low over the surface and bee-eaters zip in and out of their riverbank colony, hunting for insects. Buffalo and waterbuck graze on the tender grass along the water while a handful of white egrets trail behind, eating the crickets that are flushed out.

When you finally pull the silvery prize to the surface and into the waiting net held by your guide, the lions are calling, and a collection of massive crocodiles are sliding back into the river, disappearing into the murky water with unsettling ease.

If the fish simply aren’t biting, you can take a break and cruise to another part of the Zambezi River in search of a more fruitful pool. En route, you may find a herd of elephants wading across the river, or perhaps be treated to a predator sighting as it stalks through the undergrowth.

After a day of successful catches, you pull ashore in the national park where a game drive vehicle awaits you with cold beer and gin and tonics ready for your sundowners. Continue onward for an evening game drive, searching for hunting leopard, elusive porcupine and whooping hyenas. Back in camp, after a delicious three course dinner, enjoy a night cap around the campfire, looking at the stars and swapping stories of the-ones-that-got-away.

Post-Fishing Trip Adventures

A fishing trip in the Lower Zambezi is so much more than just catching fish. It’s an angling adventure intertwined with a big game safari experience, all set against one of the most extraordinary landscapes in all of Africa.

Come, join us and experience it for yourself!

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