Our story started 70 years ago, when the legendary Norman Carr pioneered a community and conservation-based safari experience in Zambia. Over the years we have evolved and grown, and today, our family of luxury safari properties stretches across the land and sea, in Zambia and Madagascar, welcoming those who believe the road less travelled has more to offer.

Be part of our story and help us continue to preserve the wild places we treasure for generations to come. Savour the most beautiful moments in life as you discover some of the most remote places on earth.

Gaze at a canopy of stars from your bed on the sands of the Luangwa River, surrounded by nothing but a mosquito net. Smell the ocean breeze as it rustles the leaves sheltering lemurs on our island sanctuary of Nosy Ankao. Let us show you how the little things can offer the greatest luxury, pure and simple.

Stop. Listen. Look closer. Come touch the earth.

“Time and tide wait for no man,” said my friend; a gentle reminder that there is no way to stop the ebb and flow of life’s journey; that each moment presents the opportunity to live wholeheartedly and to do the things you love. This century-old wisdom is attributed to Geoffrey Chaucer, a man of many insights, like my friend. – Thierry Dalais, Chairman


Norman Carr was a man ahead of his time. Father of the walking safari, he paved the way for modern conservation tourism, working hand-in-hand with the people of the Luangwa Valley to ensure they would benefit from the protection of their local wilderness and wildlife.

Meeting Norman decades later, a young Chris Liebenberg would be moved to continue his legacy of conservation, setting up a camp with his father on the banks of the Chongwe River in Zambia’s Lower Zambezi Valley.

Inspired by these people and places, and following a boyhood dream to preserve a place by the beach and one in the bush, Thierry Dalais and his family invested in Chris and Norman’s camps. Since then, we have ventured to other remote parts of Africa, working with local communities to open up our regions to modern-day explorers who share a desire to preserve them.

The result is Time + Tide, still family owned, still pioneering.

Norman Carr
Norman Carr sets up Zambia's first photographic safari company in South Luangwa.
Chongwe elephants
Chris Liebenberg and his father set up Chongwe Safaris in the Lower Zambezi.
Chongwe Safaris
Thierry Dalais' family invests in Chongwe Safaris and Norman Carr Safaris.
2006 - 2012
Private Luxury Island Miavana
Development begins on Miavana, Nosy Ankao in Madagascar. This gives birth to the creation of Time + Tide.
African Safari Liuwa Plain
King Lewanika in Liuwa Plain, Zambia & Miavana on Nosy Ankao, Madagascar open.
African Safari and Ultra Luxury Island
Our family of properties officially comes together as Time + Tide.

Our Values

We are guides and guardians to sublime landscapes, extraordinary wildlife and rich cultures.

Our conservation heritage dates back to 1950, when Norman Carr set up Zambia’s first game viewing camp in cooperation with Paramount Chief Nsefu of the Kunda Tribes. Today, we maintain his legacy, working with local communities to protect and share rare and unique places in all their natural beauty.

Learn more about our Time + Tide Foundation – we contribute more than $300,000 per year to community, health, education and wildlife conservation.

Touch the earth

Touch the earth

We keep close to the ground and celebrate the places we call home by using natural materials and resources wisely.

Generous + genuine

Generous + genuine

We build trust, we’re true to our word, and we give as much as we can.

Feels like family

Feels like family

Inside and out, we nurture the friendships and relationships that are at the heart of our business.

Conservation + sustainability

Conservation + sustainability

We are guides and guardians to sublime landscapes, extraordinary wildlife and rich cultures.

Surprise + delight

Surprise + delight

We go out of our way to make sure guests’ memories last a lifetime.

Our People

The family is revered in Africa. It’s a precious bond, a connection of hearts and spirits that is unbreakable. At Time + Tide, we’re that kind of family.

Bruce Simpson
Bruce Simpson
CEO Read more
Glenn Evans
Zambia General Manager Read more
Chris Liebenberg
Chris Liebenberg
Chongwe Founder And Managing Director Read more
Josie Matterson
Sustainability Manager Read more
Mark Hiller
CFO Read more

We’re proud to have received a number of prestigious safari and hospitality awards. They’re a tribute to the passion, commitment and enjoyment we bring to our work, and the enduring support of our trade partners and guests.

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Media + Press

We’ve been profiled in a variety of international magazines and press. To feature one of our properties, or collaborate on any PR projects, please get in touch with mindy@timeandtideafrica.com

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Across the entire Time + Tide portfolio, we’re proud of our people. In the African tradition, we see ourselves as a family and have built our business through training local staff, sharing knowledge and rewarding excellence.

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