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Time + Tide is a collection of exclusive safaris and remote island adventures across Zambia and Madagascar. From land to sea, we pioneer remarkable journeys in undiscovered destinations, showcasing nature's masterpieces in a simple, sustainable and meaningful way. Rooted in progressive conservation, our heritage is synonymous with the history of tourism and sustainable development in Zambia. Norman Carr Safaris and Chongwe Safaris are credited as the leaders in responsible tourism with over 80 years in combined experience in the space.

Today, we continue to revolutionize the industry through new, intimate properties in untapped locations where tourists can experience authentic interaction with nature's wild places. Our owner-operated portfolio consists of: Norman Carr Safaris (South Luangwa and Liuwa Plain), Chongwe Safaris (Lower Zambezi) in Zambia and Miavana (Nosy Ankao), the company's first property in Madagascar.
South Luangwa + Liuwa Plain Zambia
Founded by the legendary Norman Carr in 1950, the company became part of our Time + Tide family in 2012. The heart and soul of the business; operations, guides, chefs and waiters have been with the company for decades, proudly upholding the Norman Carr legacy of conservation through tourism.
Lower Zambezi Zambia
Our partnership began in 2005 when we joined forces with Chongwe founder, Chris Liebenberg and his family. As a young boy, Chris was inspired by Norman Carr to create his own place in the bush, which became a reality in 1996 with Chongwe Safaris.
Nosy Ankao Madagascar
The latest addition (2017) to our family is an island paradise in Madagascar. Located on the largest of five islands, Nosy Ankao, Miavana is an exclusive sanctuary offering barefoot luxury and pioneering 'blue safaris'. Whether you choose to experience the vast variety of Zambia's landscapes or the aquamarine waters and emerald forests of Madagascar, your choice of a Time + Tide destination helps to secure the viable future of these irreplaceable wild places.

Our vision

To showcase the beauty and wonder of nature's masterpieces in a simple, sustainable, and dignified way. To participate in the fight to protect and conserve nature's wild places and creatures by empowering local communities. To invite our guests to experience the luxury of time and space.
Be generous
From the sheet you sleep on, to the variety of activities, to going out of our way to make you happy
Be generous
Touch the earth
Keep close to the ground, use natural materials, be sustainable and conserve the wildlife and habitats of our destinations
Touch the earth
Be authentic
Innovate, act genuinely, build trust with guests and partners and be true to your word
Be authentic
Feels like family
We are more than just a team: friendship and relationships are the conerstone of our business
Feels like family
Surprise + delight
Reflect the good energy of our surrounds and ensure guests and visitors create lifetime memories
Surprise + delight
T+T "Time and tide wait for no man", said my friend; a gentle reminder that there is no way to stop the ebb and flow of life's journey; that each moment presents the opportunity to live wholeheartedly and to do the things you love. This century-old wisdom is attributed to Geoffrey Chaucer, a man of many insights, like my friend.

We chose Time + Tide as our name in celebration of the opportunity to develop and market a number of exceptional safari and remote island properties and experiences, which had touched our world and inspired us.

Our undertaking to promote and care for the people and life in these beautiful environments is both compelling and challenging.

There is the constant risk of over exploitation and degradation; real costs and tangible benefits are difficult to measure. With responsible development, dedicated care and protection, these wildlife environments can be maintained as sustainable sanctuaries. We have invested in rehabilitating, protecting and showcasing these places in all their natural beauty; these endeavours go hand in hand with our commitment to a better and sustainable life for the local communities.

We believe that Zambia and Madagascar and the experiences we offer will touch you and your families as they touched us. Each has a rare and individual beauty.

We have created guest environments where you can enjoy these experiences in total comfort. You will be hosted by a group of passionate people, ready to guide you, or to be on call should you wish for some precious private time.

We look forward to sharing our treasured Time + Tide journeys, destinations and experiences with you.
Thierry Dalais - Chairman


We live and work in extraordinary places in Africa. Supporting the conservation of wildlife and sustainability of local communities has always been at the cornerstone of every Time + Tide affiliated company.
In 1950 when Norman Carr set up Zambia's first photographic safari camp, he did so in cooperation with Paramount chief Nsefu of the Kunda Tribes and in partnership with the local community. This was the first example of what is now called community-based tourism in Zambia, if not in Africa, and was the forerunner to many modern day concepts of community based, natural resource management and responsible tourism.


The staff and management of Norman Carr Safaris and Chongwe Safaris are proud to uphold the legacy left by their founders. The companies have always led the way in Zambia's Luangwa and Lower Zambezi Valleys in training and empowering people from the surrounding areas. Now also working with African Parks in Liuwa Plain, we support a number of different projects in the local area and work with the communities to make a meaningful and lasting contribution always with a view to self-sustainability and self-determination.


Before a pole was put into the ground, Miavana was following in these footsteps and is already paving the way for sustainable tourism in northern Madagascar. With the right care and sensitivity, we have the opportunity to create a sanctuary for threatened marine and land species on Nosy Ankao and provide a sustainable way of living for hundreds in the local community.
Liuwa Plain
Sibemi Community School
Liuwa Plain
Munde Sponsorship Programme
Lower Zambezi
Chitende Secondary School
Lower Zambezi
Conservation Lower Zambezi
Nosy Ankao
Crowned Lemur Conservation
Nosy Ankao
Ecological Education
Nosy Ankao
Health Literacy
Nosy Ankao
Seaweed Farmers
South Luangwa
Field-Based Conservation Centre
South Luangwa
Kapani School Project

Our people

We are proud of our teams; in the African tradition, we see ourselves as a family and our camps have on hand some of the best people in their field to run the day to day operations.
Trust and loyalty are important to us, which is why we also engage many of the same people - experts in design, project management and marketing - for our new properties. The founders of Norman Carr Safaris and Chongwe Safaris were both passionate guides and personally trained many in our team. We are committed to expanding our people's knowledge by participating in guide's exchanges where our teams can experience similar wilderness operations both in other Parks in Zambia and also around the world such as Knight Inlet, Canada and with Nomad African in Tanzania.
  • Exec team
  • Engine room
Mindy Roberts
Time + Tide Director of Marketing and Sales
Dave Wilson
Chief Operations Officer
Chris Liebenberg
Chongwe Safaris Founder and Managing Director
Rosco Wendover
Miavana General Manager
Vicky Austin
Stephen Frenkel
Sarah Purchase
Caroline Jenkins
Travel Designer
Yvonne Price
Travel Designer
Delene Dempster
Travel Designer
Vanessa Mbewe
Travel Designer
Cath Biggs
Travel Designer
Bron Taylor
Relationship Manager
We are very proud to have received a number of prestigious awards in the safari and hospitality fields. We consider them a tribute to the calibre of our people and the passion, commitment and enjoyment they bring to their daily work. We are both fortunate and grateful to have the enduring support of our trade partners and guests.
Media + Press
Time + Tide properties have been showcased in various international magazines and the press. If you are interested in featuring one of our properties, or in other PR related projects, please get in touch with mindy@timeandtideafrica.com
Across the entire Time + Tide portfolio, we're proud of our people. In the African tradition, we see ourselves as a family and have built our business through training local staff, sharing knowledge and rewarding excellence.