What is your contribution to conservation?

For decades Norman Carr Safaris and Chongwe Safaris have been supporting local projects focusing on education, health and wildlife conservation. In 2015 the Time + Tide Foundation was created to coordinate these efforts and support further economic and educational initiatives [READ MORE]

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Who are the Liebenberg Family?

Chris Liebenberg, who as a young boy was inspired by Norman Carr, founded Chongwe Safaris with his family in 1996 in the Lower Zambezi. Their business started as a small campsite and over the years grew to include luxury Suites [READ MORE]

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Who was Norman Carr?

Norman Carr was considered the grandfather of safari in Zambia, a man who created a long-lasting legacy of conservation through tourism and the pioneer of modern-day walking safaris in Africa. He started Zambia's first safari company in 1950 in the [READ MORE]

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Who is Time + Tide?

Time + Tide is a family owned business with eight luxury safari properties and a remote island resort, spanning four regions across Zambia and Madagascar. The original founders were Norman Carr (1950) and later, the Liebenberg family (1996), who are [READ MORE]

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