For decades Norman Carr Safaris and Chongwe Safaris have been supporting local projects focusing on education, health and wildlife conservation.

In 2015 the Time + Tide Foundation was created to coordinate these efforts and support further economic and educational initiatives in Zambia and Madagascar.

The team engages directly with residents and conservation organisations to understand the modern challenges of living and operating within protected areas.

Time + Tide camps contribute over $300,000 each year to conservation initiatives which is administered through the Time + Tide Foundation.

In addition we partner with:

  • African Parks a non-profit conservation organisation who take on the complete responsibility of the rehabilitation and long-term management of national parks and protected areas in partnership with governments and local communities. It has the largest counter-poaching force in Africa.
  • Fanamby the conservation and community organisation in charge of the Loky Manambato Protected Area in Madagascar.