Who is Time + Tide?2020-09-29T15:53:35+02:00

Time + Tide is a family owned business with eight luxury safari properties and a remote island resort, spanning four regions across Zambia and Madagascar.

The original founders were Norman Carr (1950) and later, the Liebenberg family (1996), who are all credited as leaders in responsible tourism. Today, we continue to revolutionize the safari industry through the creation of new, intimate properties in untapped locations where guests can experience authentic interaction with nature’s wild places.

Our tourism experience is rooted in conservation and synonymous with Africa’s history of ecotourism and preservation.

Our regions and camps include:

The Chairman is Thierry Dalais, from an old Mauritian family, whose family was also one of the original developers of North Island, Seychelles.

Please find links to short film Time + Tide and full video library here.

Where did the name Time + Tide come from?2020-05-24T09:44:35+02:00

The quote attributed to Geoffrey Chaucer “Time and tide wait for no man”.

The name has been chosen as a reminder that there is no way to stop the ebb and flow of life’s journey; that each moment presents an opportunity to do the things you love.

Time + Tide’s aim is to develop and market exceptional safari and remote island properties and experiences in Africa.

Who was Norman Carr?2020-05-24T09:55:37+02:00

Norman Carr was considered the grandfather of safari in Zambia, a man who created a long-lasting legacy of conservation through tourism and the pioneer of modern-day walking safaris in Africa. He started Zambia’s first safari company in 1950 in the South Luangwa National Park.

Who are the Liebenberg Family?2020-05-24T09:56:19+02:00

Chris Liebenberg, who as a young boy was inspired by Norman Carr, founded Chongwe Safaris with his family in 1996 in the Lower Zambezi. Their business started as a small campsite and over the years grew to include luxury Suites and the addition of a private 5* House. Conservation of the local wildlife and natural environment has always been a core value for the family.

Who should come on safari with Time + Tide?2020-05-24T09:57:04+02:00
  • Couples, singles, families and small groups of friends travelling together
  • People who are after high-end transformative wilderness adventures that touch the soul
What kind of guest activities do you provide?2020-05-24T09:58:35+02:00
  • Guided big 5 safaris – walking, driving, canoeing, boating, fishing
  • ‘Blue safaris’ – snorkelling, diving, fly fishing, lemur walks, boating, kayaking
  • Helicopter safaris
  • Cultural visits
Which camps/location would you recommend for children?2020-05-24T10:02:28+02:00

Children are the next generation of conservationists.

Time + Tide is proud to welcome them on our safaris and teach them about wildlife, culture and conservation.

We have family villas/rooms in all four of our regions at the following camps: Time + Tide Chinzombo, Time + Tide King Lewanika, Time + Tide Chongwe House, Time + Tide Chongwe Suites, Time + Tide Mchenja, Time + Tide Kakuli and Time + Tide Miavana. In these accommodations, children U18 are 50% off sharing with parents.

How is it possible to reach your locations?2020-05-24T10:09:04+02:00

See our Getting There and Travel maps in each destination.

What is your contribution to conservation?2020-05-24T10:17:51+02:00

For decades Norman Carr Safaris and Chongwe Safaris have been supporting local projects focusing on education, health and wildlife conservation.

In 2015 the Time + Tide Foundation was created to coordinate these efforts and support further economic and educational initiatives in Zambia and Madagascar.

The team engages directly with residents and conservation organisations to understand the modern challenges of living and operating within protected areas.

Time + Tide camps contribute over $300,000 each year to conservation initiatives which is administered through the Time + Tide Foundation.

In addition we partner with:

  • African Parks a non-profit conservation organisation who take on the complete responsibility of the rehabilitation and long-term management of national parks and protected areas in partnership with governments and local communities. It has the largest counter-poaching force in Africa.
  • Fanamby the conservation and community organisation in charge of the Loky Manambato Protected Area in Madagascar.
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