Time + Tide – Feels like Family

Even though the Time + Tide camps may be located thousands of miles from your home, across oceans and nations, we want every visitor to feel like family from the moment they arrive. From the bottom to the top, we are a family business – a value that permeates every aspect of our operation. Our roots are family-based, with Norman Carr and his family founding and operating our South Luangwa camps for many years. As a young child, Chris Liebenberg, a co-founder of our Lower Zambezi camps, was inspired to pursue ecotourism by his mentorship with Norman Carr. When the families eventually came together to form Time + Tide, they were introduced by mutual friends, finding a natural harmony between the two.

We value every team member, with our longest standing employee being with us for 51 years. Many of our staff have worked here for 10, 20 and 30 years, with countless team members’ cousins, children and even grandchildren joining the Time + Tide family as well. There is a great sense of pride in everything we do, with a shared belief in the company’s ultimate goals of delivering the best safari experience possible for every guest and preserving these precious natural areas for generations to come.

As family-run businesses that came together under the Time + Tide brand, you will feel the passion and dedication at each of our destinations. From the welcome drink handed to you on arrival to the delicious meals made from homegrown produce, we will become your home away from home. Hear our songs as we sing under the stars, sip coffee with us around the campfire as the sun rises over the river, immerse into the cultural tales told by your guide and taste the love baked into every dessert. Come, join our family and our mission to conserve Africa’s wildest corners. We can’t wait to welcome you…

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