04 July 2019
Liuwa Plain
Time + Tide - Spirit of the Liuwa Plain
As we unite our destinations under Time + Tide, we wanted to celebrate the unique spirit of each destination, from the wildlife that thrives there to ... READ MORE
30 June 2019
Getting to Know Zambia
INTRODUCTION Zambia is a vibrant and welcoming nation whose regional diversity makes for a rich and enthralling travel experience. Visitor numbers a... READ MORE
28 June 2019
Time + Tide Miavana
Creating a Local Food Economy
A LAND OF PLENTY On your arrival helicopter transfer from the airport to Time + Tide Miavana, you soar over the breath-taking landscapes of northern... READ MORE
26 June 2019
Lower Zambezi
A Taste of Tradition
DINING WITH TIME + TIDE CHONGWEThe modern safari experience is all about delivering the whole package to your guests: superb wildlife, a beautiful cam... READ MORE
21 June 2019
South Luangwa
Anatomy of a Thornicroft Giraffe
In honour of International Giraffe Day, we're celebrating all of the amazing things that make our endemic Thornicroft giraffes unique. Only found... READ MORE
20 June 2019
Liuwa Plain
The Royal Opening of Time + Tide King Lewanika
On Thursday 20th June 2019, His Majesty the Litunga Lubosi Imwiko II officially opened the Time + Tide King Lewanika Lodge in Liuwa Plain National Par... READ MORE