20 August 2019
11 Reasons Time + Tide Miavana is the Ultimate Family Destination
1. Kid friendly activities – Explore the island and beyond with our wide variety of family-friendly activities that span land, underwater, on the wa... READ MORE
14 August 2019
Time + Tide - Follow the Road Less Travelled
With a heritage of bold innovation and pioneering the way into uncharted territory, Time + Tide have always proudly followed the road less travelled. ... READ MORE
03 August 2019
Time + Tide - Touch the Earth
Nature is the heart and soul of Time + Tide and what we do. From 1950 when our first camps were opened by Norman Carr to today, a deep love and respec... READ MORE
24 July 2019
Anatomy of a Lion
Lions are easily one of the most celebrated creatures in cultures around the world. They appear on flags, crests, as mascots, in stories and nearly ev... READ MORE
22 July 2019
Anatomy of a Spotted Hyena
Hyenas are fascinating and largely misunderstood creatures that play an important role in ecosystems across Africa. Many instances of folklore and leg... READ MORE
04 July 2019
Liuwa Plain
Time + Tide - Spirit of the Liuwa Plain
As we unite our destinations under Time + Tide, we wanted to celebrate the unique spirit of each destination, from the wildlife that thrives there to ... READ MORE