22 October 2019
Lower Zambezi | South Lu...
Sleepout Under the Zambian Stars
SLEEPOUT UNDER THE STARSAs you sit in your private sleepout camp in the heart of the Zambian wilderness a canopy of a million stars stretch overhead f... READ MORE
07 October 2019
South Luangwa
Secret Season in the South Luangwa
From January to March, the Secret Season spreads across the South Luangwa, bringing the landscape to life and creating a paradise for wildlife and vis... READ MORE
27 September 2019
Pioneers of African Ecotourism and Conservation
We say ecotourism...but what does that mean and why chose it?Ecotourism is a major buzzword these days. In a time where everyone is keen to recycle, d... READ MORE
26 September 2019
Anatomy of a Carmine Bee-Eater
Carmine bee-eaters are some of Africa's most dazzling birds. With their vibrant plumage, extraordinary aerial acrobatics and tendency to group to... READ MORE
01 September 2019
Time + Tide Miavana
11 Reasons to Honeymoon at Time + Tide Miavana
1. There is truly no place like it on Earth for unparalleled luxury, chances for once-in-a-lifetime experiences and adventurous activities. From scuba... READ MORE
20 August 2019
11 Reasons Time + Tide Miavana is the Ultimate Family Destination
1. Kid friendly activities – Explore the island and beyond with our wide variety of family-friendly activities that span land, underwater, on the wa... READ MORE