08 March 2019
South Luangwa
Women Helping Women
International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate and appreciate the immense value of women around the world. It is a day to honour their strength, in... READ MORE
05 March 2019
Liuwa Plain
The Kuomboka Procession
WORDS TO KNOW• Litunga – the king, meaning ‘Keeper of the Earth’ • Lealui Palace – the summer residence of the king, located on the Barots... READ MORE
20 February 2019
Time + Tide: Our Heritage and Name
OUR HERITAGEOur story started 70 years ago, when the legendary Norman Carr pioneered a community and conservation-based safari experience in Zambia. N... READ MORE
12 February 2019
Learn from a Pro: Safari Photography Tips
TIPS FOR GEAR With photography gear there is a reason that certain gear is so much more expensive than others. It simply performs better and can take... READ MORE
02 February 2019
Liuwa Plain: The Inspiring Tale of a Modern Wetland
THE IMPORTANCE OF WETLANDSAcross the continent, lush wetlands function like oversized oases in the African landscape. With ample water and grazing, th... READ MORE
18 January 2019
Time + Tide - A New Beginning 2019
As you may know, just over ten years ago in 2008, I attended my friends Dave and Kate Wilson’s wedding in the Zambian bush, an event that changed th... READ MORE