18 October 2018
Visitors from Antarctica
During the winter months when large swathes of Antarctica’s Southern Ocean freezes over, thousands of humpback whales make their way north to warmer... READ MORE
12 October 2018
Norman Carr Safaris
A Crowd-Free Great Migration
As the winter months give way to spring, Liuwa Plain’s wildebeest make their way into the southern reaches of the national park. Following the rains... READ MORE
04 October 2018
Norman Carr Safaris
7 Amazing Facts about Carmine Bee-Eaters
1. They are masters of ‘hawking’, a hunting technique where birds launch from a perch, catch an insect from mid-air and return to the same or a di... READ MORE
30 September 2018
The Cabinet des Curiosities
When an afternoon thunderstorm draws us inside, Simon, the walking and talking Madagascar encyclopaedia, offers to give us a tour of the Cabinet des C... READ MORE
27 September 2018
Top 10 Time + Tide Miavana Adventure Experiences
World Tourism Day (27 Sept) was created to honour the day that the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) adopted their guiding statutes. T... READ MORE
12 September 2018
On a Treasure Hunt with Chris
The ocean is the final frontier of Africa’s vast wilderness, the last region that remains largely unexplored. So much thrives beneath its shimmering... READ MORE