28 November 2018
Three Newborn Lemurs: A Conservation Story
In October of 2017, the Time + Tide Foundation undertook a lemur relocation with the goal of moving animals from an area of high poaching to the prote... READ MORE
26 November 2018
The Kakumbi Cricket Club
It all started when I decided to take my bat and a tennis ball to Yosefe School in 2016 after work one evening. I didn’t really have a plan as such,... READ MORE
15 November 2018
Developing like a Fine Wine
A haven of luxury amid the unexplored wilds, the Time + Tide Miavana experience is one of adventure blended with absolute luxury. At the core of our o... READ MORE
31 October 2018
Chongwe Safaris
Not Your Average Fishing Trip
For those who love early mornings on the water, just you, your fishing rod and a day full of possibility ahead, the urge to seek out the next great an... READ MORE
18 October 2018
Visitors from Antarctica
During the winter months when large swathes of Antarctica’s Southern Ocean freezes over, thousands of humpback whales make their way north to warmer... READ MORE
12 October 2018
Norman Carr Safaris
A Crowd-Free Great Migration
As the winter months give way to spring, Liuwa Plain’s wildebeest make their way into the southern reaches of the national park. Following the rains... READ MORE