01 January 2019
A Little Inspiration for 2019
Needing a little inspiration for your 2019 New Year's Resolutions? Take a cue from the wilds of Zambia and Madagascar!Have more fun!Spend more ti... READ MORE
30 December 2018
Reflections from COO Dave Wilson
In the famous words of Vinny Jones “it’s been emotional”. Our operations have expanded to the far west of Zambia in the beautiful Liuwa Plain an... READ MORE
21 December 2018
Reflections from Remotest Madagascar
Madagascar is on the luxury explorers’ map! We at Time + Tide Miavana have enjoyed an incredible year, operating in the remote island archipelago of... READ MORE
10 December 2018
A Year in the Bush
Modern life moves at a hectic pace. So often we forget to slow down and think about our connection with the natural world and how it impacts our daily... READ MORE
28 November 2018
Three Newborn Lemurs: A Conservation Story
In October of 2017, the Time + Tide Foundation undertook a lemur relocation with the goal of moving animals from an area of high poaching to the prote... READ MORE
26 November 2018
The Kakumbi Cricket Club
It all started when I decided to take my bat and a tennis ball to Yosefe School in 2016 after work one evening. I didn’t really have a plan as such,... READ MORE