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Lower Zambezi
Come face to face with giants in a land of colossal elephants and ancient baobabs while you glide quietly in a canoe along the reeds.
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Still a unique wilderness

Lower Zambezi camps

Lower Zambezi National Park


Day + night drives
Nothing beats magnificent African sunrises and sunsets, and animal encounters by day and night. Our guides provide a wealth of knowledge to add to the experience.


When it comes to fishing, the Lower Zambezi is tiger country! It is home to the tiger fish, nicknamed the water dog, whose share teeth are matched only by it's fighting spirit and reputation as one of the world's top game fish. We operate a strict catch-and-release policy in order to preserve stocks of this incredible fish. Alternatively, you can try your hand bream fishing on the Chongwe River. All equipment is provided, with both conventional table and entry-level fly rods available - however, we recommend serious fly fishermen bring their own rods.


The river offers a perfect place from which to view a variety of game, predators on the bank, birds and breathtaking scenery. The Zambezi river is high all year, making anytime, the best time to enjoy a boating safari.


Walking safaris
Explore and discover the untamed beauty and wildlife of the Lower Zambezi with our experienced guides at your side sharing their knowledge of the flora and fauna.


Canoeing safaris
Enjoy the Lower Zambezi's abundant wilderness and game from a canoe on Africa's fourth largest river. There is something peaceful, and adrenaline filled at the same time, in floating meters away from elephants or buffalo drinking at the river's edge.


We have found the perfect spot on the mountainside, giving you a view of the Valley floor and mighty Zambezi River in the distance. Set up camp with only wildlife and the stars for company. It's something you will never forget.
Best location & views in the Lower Zambezi


In the early 1980s, a young Chris Liebenberg was inspired by legendary conservationist, Norman Carr, to create his own dream and continue Norman's legacy of conservation in Zambia.
Captivated by the beauty and wilderness of the Lower Zambezi, Chris and his father set up a camp on the banks of the Chongwe River. Over time it grew from an overnight campsite to the award-winning, luxury camp of today.

Chris is deeply involved with Conservation Lower Zambezi and is instrumental in the development and conservation of the Chiawa Partnership Park, an area bordering the Lower Zambezi National Park.

The Lower Zambezi is famous for its canoeing safaris and water activities; also widely known as one of the best places to catch (and release) a tiger fish or two.
Pioneer of local conservation

Our people

The family is revered in Africa. It's a precious bond, a connection of hearts and spirits that is unbreakable. At Time + Tide, we're that kind of family.
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  • Guides
Chris Liebenberg
Chongwe Safaris Founder and Managing Director
Florence Mulenga Shawa
Chongwe Safaris General Manager
Allan Shawa
Chongwe Safaris Co-Manager
Mwaka Mwitangeti
Chongwe Safaris Manager & T+T Foundation Outreach Officer
George Mwanza
Chongwe Safaris Head Guide
Sam Mukankaulwa
Chongwe Safaris Senior Guide
Moses Chiguta
Chongwe Safaris Senior Guide
Alan Bonella
Chongwe Safaris Senior Guide


4,000 km2
The Lower Zambezi National Park is nestled between an impressive mountain escarpment to the north and the mighty Zambezi River to the south. The escarpment acts as a barrier for the game, keeping it on the plains and in the rich woodland on the bank of the river. The Park is over 4,000 square kms in size and occupies 120 kms of river frontage.

The Lower Zambezi is a haven for wildlife and bird lovers. Elephant, hippo and antelope are abundant and the Park boasts a healthy lion and leopard population with sightings of hyena and wild dog common.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of game viewing in the Lower Zambezi is the sheer variety of activities on offer. In addition to the traditional game drives and walking safaris, the Zambezi River allows for a variety of additional river based activities and experiences that few, if any, other destinations can offer.

There are relatively few camps in and around the Park. With the absence of mass tourism the park remains a pristine wilderness, free from overcrowding.

Game viewing in the Lower Zambezi is primarily done in the dry season between the months of April - November.
Home of
Tiger fishing
(catch and release)
Famous for
Burgeoning population of
Wild Dogs
Huge variety
of activities
South Luangwa Liuwa Plain