Time + Tide – The modern day explorer

By venturing into untapped locations, Time + Tide offers the raw beauty of nature’s greatest creations without the crowds and development felt in more visited destinations. Away from the pace of modern life, you can immerse into the minute rhythms of nature’s ebbs and flows, rising with the sun and sleeping with the stars. Breathe the wild air deep into your lungs and let the vitality of a breaking dawn energise and renew you. Experience nature as it was meant to be.

We want to show you how the littlest things can hold the greatest luxury, pure and simple. How gazing at a canopy of a million stars from your bed or making eye contact with a curious lemur through the foliage will leave you feeling fully alive. How tracking leopards on foot through ancient forests or diving beside wild dolphins will reconnect you with the natural world in a pure and exhilarating way. How soaring over lush river valleys that dip into turquoise seas or walking through a savannah of wildflowers stretching to the horizon will reawaken your senses and breathe life into your soul.

Join us in the pursuit of making the most of every moment, of squeezing more life into every day and discovering the boundless wonders of the natural world. Let your mind be calmed by jasmine scented breezes and a landscape soaked in golden light. Let your soul be nourished by the red African soil and the rains from above.

Step out the door into the joy of the unknown. Feel the promise around every bend in the road and the thrill of engaging every sense with new moments, new experiences that few will ever have. Come, join us on the road less travelled. It’s a place where the wild things roam and the modern day explorers thrive. It is Africa, and we are your guides.

Helicopter image by Rich I’anson

Lion image by Will Burrard-Lucas

Lemur image by Heinrich van den Berg

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