Best season: Dec – Apr
Away from the crowds, unearth an emerald world by boat, vehicle and on foot. Discover a different side of Zambia’s world-class safari destinations in the secret season

With the Luangwa River flowing freely and the flood pans high at Liuwa Plain, this is the only time for water safaris in these two spectacular national parks. The animals are framed by lush emerald landscapes and dramatic skies—perfect for photography. Everything bursts back to life after the dry season, with abundant grazing for herbivores, well-fed prey for predators and babies aplenty. In South Luangwa, this is the best time to see endangered wild dogs and to photograph leopards, and the only time to see the world’s largest colony of yellow-billed storks. With no hippos, crocs or tsetse flies in Liuwa Plain, you can hop out of your canoe for a swim amongst the water lilies and wildebeest.

Like any time of year, you’ll find award-winning guides and warm hospitality in both of these magical places.

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Insider Tips
  • Best for wildlife and landscape photography
  • Boating safaris offer a unique perspective
  • Birds nesting and in bright breeding plumage
  • Includes free nights
“I like it because of the warm weather and feeling of renewal in the animal and plant kingdom.”

– Siku Mutukwa, Manager,
Time + Tide King Lewanika

Time + Tide Chinzombo
Day 1 - 4
You are met on arrival at Mfuwe Airport by your guide and taken to Time + Tide Chinzombo. A haven of wild luxury sprawling along an oxbow curve of the river, every villa offers seclusion, style and a chance to unwind with an indulgent spa treatment.

Recline on your spacious private deck with a cocktail in hand before heading out with our award-winning guides for more exploration.
Map Day 5 - 7 Day 1 - 4
Time +Tide Secret Season
Day 5 - 7
From Time + Tide Chinzombo you will explore the National Park on a game drive and boat cruise to Time + Tide Kakuli. Perched high on the banks of the Luangwa River, the camp is designed for comfort in all weather. From your covered porch, take in the panoramic views and enjoy the utter tranquility of this secret season.

With the rivers flowing full and afternoon thunderstorms, the landscape is lush, and wildlife abounds. Explore with our guides on foot and by boat, gaining unique and up-close perspectives on the wilderness deep in the national park.

We can change the order of this itinerary to suit your needs however should you wish to visit T+T Kakuli first we would need to look at your domestic flight arrival time and make suggestions accordingly.
Map Day 5 - 7 Day 1 - 4
South Luangwa map
Map Day 5 - 7 Day 1 - 4


Best season for
15 – 30 °C / 59 – 86 °F
  • Incredible wildlife photographic opportunities
  • Tributaries and pans fill with water, birds & flowers
  • Best time of year to see endangered wild dog
14 – 30 °C / 57 – 86 °F
  • Escape the chilly northern hemisphere winter!
  • Rivers are flowing at their fullest
  • This is the season for Boating Safaris
15 – 39 °C / 59 – 102 °F
  • The dramatic change of season from dry to lush and green
  • Iconic carmine bee-eaters nesting in the riverbanks
  • Great predator action as animals gather at dwindling water
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