Time + Tide – The Spirit of Madagascar

As we unite our destinations under Time + Tide, we wanted to celebrate the unique spirit of each destination, from the wildlife that thrives there to the colours that paint the landscape. Our four designs complement each other while all being as wonderfully exceptional as the destinations themselves.

Creating Our Designs

To capture the essence of the region, we selected a hero animal on which to centre the designs. We then filled out the design with other key animals, birds, flowers and insects from the area for a lush, wild feel. The end product is a design that gives an authentic sense of the ecosystem and the sights and sounds that you experience while there. When you look at the design, we want you to hear the snorts and bellows of the Lower Zambezi’s hippos, see the graceful wingbeats of a crane as it flies across the Liuwa Plain and imagine the agile antics of the lemurs in Nosy Ankao’s forests.

We selected the lemur to be our hero because of how iconic it is the Madagascan land. Found nowhere else on Earth, these charismatic creatures embrace the spirit of the Malagasy culture – friendly, diverse and vibrant. Celebrating lemurs also ties in perfectly with the ongoing conservation efforts of our Time + Tide Foundation, which relocated 5 crowned lemurs from an area of high poaching on the mainland to the forested sanctuary of our island, where they continue to thrive today. When you visit Time + Tide Miavana, you can enjoy a guided forest walk and come face to face with our charming resident colony.

Alongside the lemur, we incorporated sea turtles, chameleons, orchids, several birds, seashells, fish, butterflies, coral and the island of Nosy Ankao itself. With the vast majority of its species found nowhere else on Earth, it is an island defined by its rarity. Sea turtles and lively coral reefs abound in the waters around Nosy Ankao. Orchids drape languidly over branches, perfuming the forest air and providing plentiful nectar to the island’s butterflies. Beach morning glory sprawl across the sands, their magenta blooms contrasted against the lime green vines. From the undergrowth to the canopy, unusual birds dot the landscape. A group of black parrots even call our Activity Centre home, and countless wading birds can be found along Nosy Ankao’s lush shorelines.

Spirit of Madagascar – The Colours

A secluded island off the north-eastern coast of Madagascar, Nosy Ankao’s beauty lies at the confluence of wild and refined. With its offerings spanning the sea, land and air, so we wanted to celebrate a component of each when selecting colours for the region. Our signature Miavana blue embodies the island’s surrounding waters that range from a rich turquoise hue over the deeper reefs to the most delicate seafoam green where the waves gently lap over pure white sands. The bronze hue was inspired by the colour the sand and sea turn as the dramatic sunsets illuminate the island during golden hour. Together, they create a vision of Nosy Ankao’s magnificent natural beauty, from the sea to the sky.

Photos by Andrew Macdonald, Kelsea Lee, Heinrich van den Berg, Robert Poole, Jessica Toms

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