A Year in the Bush

10 December 2018

Modern life moves at a hectic pace. So often we forget to slow down and think about our connection with the natural world and how it impacts our daily life in hidden ways…the food we eat, the air we breathe, the weather we contend with. When you join us on a safari, you get the chance to reconnect with the natural world - rising with the sun, watching the theatre of the natural world unfold and gazing up at the starry skies coming to life each night. During your stay, you glimpse into the window of a million lives interacting in their dance for survival. You rediscover nature within each moment and a way to reconnect with yourself and those around you.

Those who work and live in our camps have the privilege of experiencing the magic of the bush every day. This daily immersion in the natural world shapes your thoughts, practices and perspectives. You bear witness to the most elated highs and the rawest lows that come with the ebb and flow of life in the bush, often happening in tandem as a success for one creature means the downfall of another.

Spending extended periods in the bush, we experience dramatic moments woven between spells of tranquillity, learning to appreciate both. The dramatic moments are thrilling to witness, a perfect collision in space and time of you, the predator and the prey. The tranquil moments are where we find balance through introspection. Slowing down and taking in the nuances of the world around you allows you to feel centred and at ease away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Though not everyone can live in the wilds of Zambia, you can join us in reflecting on a year in the bush. From the first game drive of the season to the last sundowner, here are the highlights in the circle of life that we’ve been lucky enough to see: