Liuwa Plain

NY Times: Liuwa Plain a Must-Go Destination for 2018

24 January 2018

We are thrilled to announce that the New York Times has named Liuwa Plain National Park one of their 52 must-go destinations for 2018, with Time + Tide King Lewanika as the must-stay accommodation! This honour means so much more to us than simply a mention in a prestigious publication. For Liuwa Plain to become a top travel destination in the world, it took many years of dedicated work from Time + Tide and African Parks. Once an ecosystem overlooked by the conservation world, African Parks has worked tirelessly with research teams and local communities to revitalise this spectacular land to its former glory. 

Once down to a solitary lioness, the famed Lady Liuwa, conservation teams have carefully relocated lions into the national park, implementing long term monitoring programmes to track their success. With the return of an apex predator such as lions, the robust hyaena population is gradually experiencing the checks and balances natural to any ecosystem. Cheetahs are bouncing back as well, thriving on the plains so perfect for their speedy hunting style. As with the wildly successful reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park, the entire Liuwa Plain ecosystem is benefiting from the top down, slowly returning to an equilibrium established by thousands of years of evolution. 

With the aim to support long-term conservation and community development of the region, Time + Tide proudly opened Time + Tide King Lewanika Lodge in 2017. Ecotourism is a wonderful and effective way to bring sustainable income to the remote corners of the world. To ensure lasting impact, the Time + Tide Foundation worked with the local community to build a brand new school and to dig wells for fresh water. In exchange, the communities agreed to end all illegal poaching in the national park, further improving the region's conservation. 

Designed to celebrate the immense natural beauty of the region, Time + Tide King Lewanika was conceptualised by the brilliant Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens. A haven of style and luxury amid the wild beauty, you will see elements of the Liuwa Plain throughout the design. Honeyed tones reflect the golden plains and the low profile silhouette of the villas mimic the vast plains. A special destination deserves a special lodge.

No matter how spectacular, no destination can thrive without a way to access it. Time + Tide worked with Proflight Zambia to begin operation of a direct flight from Lusaka to Kalabo, allowing tourists to visit this incredibly special region of Zambia.

A heartfelt thank you to all who have helped achieve this honour, from African Parks and Proflight Zambia to all the tourists who have already visited us at Time + Tide King Lewanika. We greatly look forward to many more years on safari in Liuwa Plain National Park!

Wildlife + school photos by Will Burrard-Lucas