Time + Tide Miavana

On a Treasure Hunt with Chris

12 September 2018

The ocean is the final frontier of Africa’s vast wilderness, the last region that remains largely unexplored. So much thrives beneath its shimmering surface – coral reefs teeming with vibrant fish, humpback whales singing their mournful songs and tremendous great white sharks. Scattered along the continent’s extensive coastline are some of the world’s best diving hot spots, but so much remains to be explored. With sprawling coral reefs, secluded turquoise coves and countless bucketlist species, diving at Time + Tide Miavana is like stepping into a world unknown, where every corner promises new discovery and sights previously unseen by human eyes.

Led by the marvellous Time + Tide Miavana dive team, your mornings are filled with curious sea turtles and your afternoons with schools of silvery moonies and majestic manta rays. Whether you’re on the house reef that fringes the villa-lined beach or on hidden reefs reminiscent of a Jacques Cousteau filmstrip, you will encounter dazzling sea life and unexpected creatures.

The region’s unique underwater topography creates diverse habitat for ‘an amazing melting pot of macro and micro life’ as the resident dive master Chris Barfoot calls it. ‘It’s like every dive is the first one for me, because every time we find a species I had no idea would be here, had no idea even lived here. Bar a few people, no one has ever really dived here before,’ he muses. For him, each dive is a treasure hunt. With infectious enthusiasm, he explores every little corner, searching for triggerfish, honeycomb whip rays and Spanish dancers to show the guests.

Though often referred to as the ‘silent world’, Chris finds diving to be a veritable symphony…the clicking claws of duelling crustaceans, the crunch of coral between parrotfish jaws, the moaning songs of humpback whales, the tiny bubbles of atmosphere rushing skyward to rejoin the world above. Diving offers unexpected experiences and new sensations that perfectly embody the experience of staying at Time + Tide Miavana.

While cruising to a spectacular reef on the northern side of nearby Manambib island, a pod of spinner dolphins zips past, weaving like torpedoes in the cerulean waters around the bow. The engine cuts and the boat drifts to a stop, bobbing on the gentle waves as fins and masks are quickly donned. This is the kind of place where the plan for one fantastic dive melts thrillingly and organically away to the whims of nature because dolphins suddenly appeared. Relaxed and confident, they come up right to you to check you out and see what you’re doing in their world. As they glide past, your eyes meet, and you share a moment of connection that belies their profound intelligence. What a privilege to share a moment in time with these exuberant animals.

When next you’re craving an adventure into the unknown, where your senses are turned up to full throttle and every corner holds a new surprise, go on a treasure hunt with Chris. From tiny tunicates to colossal whales, you will always have a new creature to find.