The Bush Olympics

11 February 2018

There may not be a lot of snow in Zambia and Madagascar, but that doesn't stop the wildlife here from putting on impressive athletic displays!

Which event at The 2018 Bush Olympics would you most want to watch?

Perhaps some sprinting...

...or a bit of synchronised swimming.

Diving is always a crowd pleaser...

...and the gymnastics balance beam is always fun to watch.

Archery takes real skill...

...and the hurdles are always impressive to watch.

The marathon is truly a feat of endurance!

The long jump never disappoints...

...and the high jump is always spectacular to watch.

Everyone loves the martial arts...

...and water polo is always thrilling to see - plenty of action!

And last but not least, you can't forget about wrestling - one of the oldest Olympic events.

Photos by Will Burrard Lucas, Andrew Macdonald, Heinrich van den Berg and Kelsea Lee