Time + Tide Miavana

Time + Tide Miavana Through A Family's Eyes

17 August 2018

When new Time + Tide Miavana managers Ross and SJ Wendover arrived on the island, they brought in tow their adorable, blue eyed tot, Arlo. With soft sandy beaches, warm seas and plenty of friendly wildlife, Nosy Ankao is an adventure playground for adults and children alike. Just take it from those who live it every day...

Why do you think Time + Tide Miavana is a good destination for families?

Time + Tide Miavana is an incredible location for families because it’s the planet in its purest and richest form. Children here explore a labyrinth of textures, colours and smells. The luxury is the amazing Malagasy, Asian, African and European eclectic mix of people - the heart and soul of the island creating amazing bonds between staff, families and children.

What type of activities make this such an intriguing destination for family adventures?

Parents can sip cocktails on the beach as children dive into the infinity pool, search for crabs, hunt for chameleons, cycle along the path looking for snakes (all the snakes on the island are harmless); or tumble off the inflatable banana behind the speed boat or try diving on the brilliant Introductory Bubblemakers Course. Children of any age stare in wonder at the unique collection of butterflies in the Cabinet des Curiosites, the elephant bird skeleton and more; they are enchanted by Simon’s stories of witchcraft and the encyclopedic knowledge of the Nation’s vast endemic species.

What do you think children will take away from exploring with Time + Tide Miavana?

Every child enjoys a real life adventure as they climb across some of the first canons used by the French merchant and trade protection vessels (found and rescued from the surrounding reef by a Time + Tide partner and local action adventurer: Jean-Christophe Peyre), they explore the deep forests, they wrestle amongst the soft play areas set up at the villas, they climb the lighthouse and they fly to incredible sights by helicopter. It’s casting for fish, it’s playing football against the local children on probably the most beautiful bespoke pitch marked by coconut string, it’s watching whales crashing in front of the villas, it’s eating personalised pizza cooked by our incredible kitchen team with your feet buried in the sand and it’s sleeping in soft sheets with the breeze passing through the rooms. It’s Tintin’s story in real life here.

So, why is it such good family life? Because it’s simple, it’s magical; it’s not TV screens or rubbish on the floor, it’s not traffic or the risk of crime. It’s touching the earth – and children show you what that means.

What adventures have come about during your own family's wanderings?

Our favourite way to get around the Island is with Arlo in his backpack carrier with the local terrestrial guide Simon or the environmental team through the bush/jungle looking for lemurs. At every corner there are incredible sounds and smells. Snakes, chameleons, spiders, parrots are the norm – he lives the jungle book all day long!

Any special experiences stand out?

We were very lucky to see the nesting colony of terns, twenty-five thousand breeding birds on the size of a large football pitch. The route across was beset with strong winds, driving rain and high seas. Arlo slept under a huge kite at the bottom of the boat in his mother’s arms all the way! Arriving on the Island we tiptoed between the thousands of birds and tiny young – cautious not to break any eggs, Arlo carried by Vivian the whole way of course! Arlo has made his first footsteps on the beach – only because he is desperate to ‘catch’ the huge glowing setting sun which looks a bit like his favourite bouncy ball.

Family photos provided by Ross and SJ Wendover