Anatomy of a Hyena

Hyenas are fascinating and largely misunderstood creatures that play an important role in ecosystems across Africa. Many instances of folklore and legend have painted these unusual animals as lowly and dirty, often portraying them with undesirable human characteristics such as being aggressive, greedy, untrustworthy or deceptive. Despite this, hyenas are in fact extraordinarily intelligent, highly social, and impressive physical specimens that have adapted to a wide range of habitats. With the release of the Lion King, we wanted to showcase these incredibly interesting animals and do them the justice they deserve.

Though they often vie for competition with other predators for resources, in Liuwa Plain National Park, they reign supreme, filling the role of the apex predator. Out on the savannah, you can find them in clans numbering up to 50 individuals. Visit one of their dens for the chance to see their utterly adorable pups as they romp about together. Your heart and any preconceived notions you may have about them will melt away when one of those sweet little cubs stares up at you with its big dark eyes.

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