Time + Tide : Follow the Road Less Travelled

With a heritage of bold innovation and pioneering the way into uncharted territory, Time + Tide have always proudly followed the road less travelled. We believe there is always more to experience, more to see, more to protect and conserve on the road less travelled. By moving away from the crowds, both literally and figuratively, Time + Tide have distinguished themselves as a company that delivers unique and unexpected travel experiences ideal for the modern-day explorers.


From 1950 when one of our founders, Norman Carr, opened his camps in South Luangwa, he chose to run a strictly conservation-based operation that respected the natural world. Not only was his idea innovative during an era when safaris were a track-and-hunt tradition, so was his choice of a destination. To this day, the South Luangwa and Zambia as a whole, remain largely off the radar of the mainstream travel industry. We have continued to honour this legacy by choosing to operate only in destinations that are remote, untouched and can benefit from the presence of an ecotourism operation and the conservation that it brings. From the rivers of Lower Zambezi and the forests of South Luangwa to the grasslands of Liuwa Plain and the coral reefs of Nosy Ankao, we believe in finding the most extraordinary, challenging and fascinating destinations in Africa to share with the world.


We believe in being brave and taking risks in order to conserve fragile areas. If something is worth having or experiencing, it is worth overcoming the challenges and investing the time and effort to sustainably share it. The challenges only make the end result more special. It also makes the traveller’s experience incredibly memorable – truly once-in-a-lifetime as we are often the only operators in a destination. The road less travelled offers so much more, even if it comes with more obstacles. We invite you to join us on this path, in the wild heart of Africa where endless wonders await for those who dare to seek.

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