Time + Tide Foundation: Empowering Women to Empower a Nation


This month, we are taking time to be genuine. We ensure that, in challenging times, we do not lose sight of the values that are important to us. The Time + Tide Foundation is our inspiration and guiding late when it comes to translating our values into actions.

We would love to share a powerful story of a young girl who joined our female empowerment programme in 2018.


Upon joining the programme, Royce was struggling academically and sadly, dubbed herself as ‘dull and unimportant’. She and her family did not believe that she would pass the final exams needed to reach secondary school. Over the course of two years, Royce attended over 50 hours of Time + Tide Foundation’s Girls Club sessions as well as all the field trips. By the end of 2019, Royce had written her final exams and was sent to get married in a village approximately 5 hours away; her family assumed she would not pass and would find a better life with a husband. However, the following January she discovered she had passed and beyond that, been accepted into one of the top secondary schools in Zambia’s Eastern Province. The Foundation team spoke with her family asking them to reconsider allowing her to attend Secondary Schooling. With the added incentive of a place in the Time + Tide Foundation’s scholarship programme, the family agreed, which has opened up a new, bright future for Royce. When they met with her family to discuss the details, Royce fought back happy tears and her grandmother danced in celebration.


Girls Clubs have been established by the Foundation across all four regions in which we operate, empowering the young girls of Zambia and Madagascar. The programme targets girls who are at a high risk of young pregnancies, marriage and domestic roles preventing them from fulfilling their potential. As of 2019, there are 198 girls enrolled in the programme. Royce is one example of the many girls who are challenging traditional belief systems and highlighting the power of investing in women across our regions.

“You educate a man, you educate an individual. You educate a woman, you educate a nation”

– African Proverb


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