Time + Tide Foundation : Literacy Work in Madagascar

In late November 2019, 3 of the teachers whom we support on the mainland underwent intensive training in Diego Suarez in Madagascar on French language and literacy. They also underwent training around ways to deliver Reproductive Health and self-esteem sessions to young students of primary schools.

Teachers in these areas do not have access to any education resources of quality (such as books or online platforms), so they are extremely limited in their exposure and teaching methods. Following on from this hugely beneficial training, these teachers are now able to incorporate creativity in the way that they teach, and similarly enhance the content of what they teach.

The main goal of the programme is both to capacitate the teachers with materials, and to improve their French language skills. At the beginning of the programme, we tested the French literacy of the students at these mainland schools and we recorded literacy of 0%. Over the course of 2019, through our support to the mainland teachers and the schools, we have seen a literacy increase of 30%.

We look forward to growing this number even more in 2020!

We thank you all for your continued support of the TIME + TIDE Foundation.

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