Time + Tide – Our Heritage and Name


Our story started 70 years ago, when the legendary Norman Carr pioneered a community and conservation-based safari experience in Zambia. Norman Carr was a man ahead of his time. Father of the walking safari, he paved the way for modern conservation tourism, working hand-in-hand with the people of the Luangwa Valley to ensure they would benefit from the protection of their local wilderness and wildlife.

Meeting Norman decades later, a young Chris Liebenberg (pictured below with Norman) would be moved to continue his legacy of conservation, setting up a camp with his father on the banks of the Chongwe River in Zambia’s Lower Zambezi Valley.

Inspired by these people and places and following a boyhood dream to preserve a place by the beach and one in the bush, Thierry Dalais and his family invested in Chris and Norman’s camps. Since then, we have ventured to other remote parts of Africa, working with local communities to open up our regions to modern-day explorers who share a desire to preserve them.

The result is Time + Tide, still family owned, still pioneering.

Over the years we have evolved and grown, and today, our family of luxury safari properties stretches across the land and sea, in Zambia and Madagascar, welcoming those who believe the road less travelled has more to offer.

Be part of our story and help us continue to preserve the wild places we treasure for generations to come. Savour the most beautiful moments in life as you discover some of the most remote places on earth.

Gaze at a canopy of stars from your bed on the sands of the Luangwa River, surrounded by nothing but a mosquito net. Smell the ocean breeze as it rustles the leaves sheltering lemurs on our island sanctuary of Nosy Ankao. Let us show you how the little things can offer the greatest luxury, pure and simple.


As we moved into our new era with a unified family across Zambia and Madagascar, we needed a name that reflects our ethos as a company and the experience we bring to every moment that you are travelling with us. We believe in protecting the wild places in which we operate, supporting the long-term welfare and development of the communities that live in and around our destinations and operating in a sustainable and ethical way.

Time presents on many scales in the realm of conservation-based travel. We believe that to have a lasting impact, we must have a feather-light touch on the Earth right now. We believe that to protect these wild places for generations to come, we must mindfully use the fleeting time life gives us every day. Time is always passing, and we cannot save it up. We must use every moment to fully embrace the adventure of life and the many wonders the world the presents us with.

The ebbs and flows of life never slow. You must use your limited time on Earth to do the things you love, with the people you love in places that make you feel fully alive. Let your heart sync with the rhythm of a wildebeest’s thundering hooves. Breathe in deeply and feel the wild air fill your lungs. Watch the quiet grace of a sea turtle gliding through the turquoise waters, mere inches from you. Lose yourself in the vast starry skies while a crackling campfire warms you.

We invite you to join us on the road less travelled.

Stop. Listen. Look closer. Come touch the earth.

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