TIME + TIDE – Spirit of the Lower Zambezi

As we unite our destinations under Time + Tide, we wanted to celebrate the unique spirit of each destination, from the wildlife that thrives there to the colours that paint the landscape. Our four designs complement each other while all being as wonderfully exceptional as the destinations themselves.

Creating Our Designs

To capture the essence of the region, we selected a hero animal on which to centre the designs. We then filled out the design with other key animals, birds, flowers and insects from the area for a lush, wild feel. The end product is a design that gives an authentic sense of the ecosystem and the sights and sounds that you experience while there. When you look at the design, we want you to hear the snorts and bellows of the Lower Zambezi’s hippos, see the graceful wingbeats of a crane as it flies across the Liuwa Plain and imagine the agile antics of the lemurs in Nosy Ankao’s forests.

Spirit of the Lower Zambezi – The Design

Within our Lower Zambezi pattern, we invite you to venture to the edge of a mighty river in the shadow of a mountain, where you’ll feel right at home nestled under a shady grove of trees. Celebrate the tranquil, ancient energy that embodies this river valley. Flanked by the mighty Zambezi River on one side and the escarpment on the other, our camp lies within a space of towering baobabs, reverent elephants and peaceful forest groves…a land where time stands still.

We selected the elephant to be our hero because of how incredibly prolific and relaxed they are in the region and because of the special relationship our founding family (especially patriarch Boet, while he was alive) has with them. Herds move throughout the valley feeding in the shady forests and on the lower slopes of the escarpment. It is common to see them in and along the banks of the river while on a canoeing safari. With elephants often wandering right through our camp to feed on winterthorn pods and wading across the river right in front of the tents; they seemed like the perfect fit.

 Alongside the elephant, we incorporated hippos, crocodiles and tiger-fish. A destination defined by its network of waterways and wilderness, it seemed only natural to include these river denizens in the pattern. The forest dwelling monkeys and baboons, the diverse birdlife, and the delicate flowers and dragonflies of the riverbanks round out the design.

Spirit of the Lower Zambezi – The Colours

Perhaps no national park in Zambia offers as high of a concentration of different habitats as the Lower Zambezi. From the perennial rivers to the rocky escarpments, there is a remarkable diversity in landscapes that gives an Eden-like quality. When selecting signature colours for the region, we wanted to choose ones that would reflect this beauty. The earthy grey-brown hue ‘elephant grey’ was chosen to celebrate this key species. The vibrant golden hue echoes the colour of the sky at sunset and sunrise as the light is reflected off the water and the dust and golden hours combine to create a magical ambiance.

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