Time + Tide and Tusk & Mane Collaboration 

As you know, Zambia’s safari history began over 70 years ago, by one of our founders, Norman Carr. Over the decades, he has inspired many individuals to forge their own path in safari and conservation, and as such, several of the businesses in Zambia, like ours, are family owned and operated and some have shared history.

In recent years, two young men (Luke Evans and Kyle Branch) have created a new business in the Lower Zambezi: Tusk & Mane. The company has two small, light-touch camps in the east of the Zambezi Valley which we think complement our stunning site in the west of the park, on the confluence of the Chongwe and Zambezi Rivers. As such, we have come together to create a 6 night itinerary to celebrate the entire breadth of the Zambezi Valley.

We share a history; we have known Luke since he was a child, as he grew up at Kapani Lodge, Time + Tide’s South Luangwa HQ, when his mother was working for Norman in the 1980s. This aside, Luke is a true Zambian and both guys love the country’s people, the land and wildlife and want nothing more than to share the wonder of this country with their guests and to contribute to the long-term sustainability of the area and communities. In the words of one of our Lower Zambezi founders, Chris Liebenberg, “I know how they feel, driven by heart and passion, it’s not always a sound commercial choice I can assure you.”

Tusk & Mane’s philosophy is similar to ours with a focus on local employment and the highest standards of guiding. Kyle is more than a guide, he is a teacher, leader and essential part of a nationwide guide’s training program that pushes new guides to achieve even higher levels of knowledge.

We are proud to call Luke and Kyle friends, but more importantly we share views on how a safari should be experienced. At Time + Tide, we believe the most beautiful things in life can pass us by if we’re not careful, and we need to take the time to reconnect with nature, with ourselves, and with one another. That’s our definition of luxury, pure and simple. And while our camps at Time + Tide Chongwe Safaris have gentrified over the years, we aim to keep our soul humble; led by the sound of General Manager, Flossie laughing, the hippos honking in the river, elephants crossing through camp or a smile from one of our team.

The itinerary includes three nights at Time + Tide Chongwe, to discover your bush legs and then three nights with Tusk & Mane, providing a spectacular experience including all the greatest hits of the Lower Zambezi:

  • The variety of areas
  • Canoeing channels
  • Game drive loops
  • All the best plains and dambos
  • Understated luxury
  • And some real adventure

Chris says, “any safari will give you some good pictures to share, this one will give you stories to tell.”

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