Best season: Apr-Nov
Explore two of Zambia’s premier wildlife destinations with a diverse array of activities. Get up close and personal with the wildlife along Zambia’s mighty rivers

The Luangwa and Zambezi rivers course through two of Zambia’s premier national parks. An unspoiled wilderness, South Luangwa National Park is known as the Valley of the Leopard. This is where one of our company founders, the legendary Norman Carr, pioneered walking safaris. With endemic giraffe and wildebeest, and endangered wild dogs, the game viewing here is second to none. The landscape of the Lower Zambezi National Park is entirely different. Its lush channels and ancient forests are a haven for elephants, predators and birdlife. It offers the greatest variety of activities in Zambia, from game drives to canoeing, boat cruises, walking safaris and tiger fishing.

Explore both parks with award-winning guides on our most popular itinerary in Zambia.

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Insider Tips
  • Best for a variety of safari activities
  • Incredible diversity and abundance of wildlife
  • Great predator action all year
  • Includes free nights
“This is not just a holiday. It’s somebody’s dream.”

– Chris Liebenberg, Founder and MD,
Time + Tide Chongwe

Time + Tide Chongwe Activities
Day 1 - 5
Two Rivers visits South Luangwa and Lower Zambezi National Parks. It is available in a 7 or 10 day itinerary. We will tailor the selection of camps and order of the national parks to suit your needs and interests!

On arrival your Guide will meet you at Jeki or Royal Airstrip in Lower Zambezi National Park and take you on a game drive to Time + Tide Chongwe. You will explore the broad variety of areas in the Lower Zambezi from the escarpment and ancient forests to rivers and open pans, the region is home to a remarkable diversity of wildlife.
Map Day 6 - 10 Day 1 - 5
Two Rivers
Day 6 - 10
Arriving at Mfuwe Airport you will get a glimpse of the local village life en route to the South Luangwa National Park. Venture through the wilderness with our award-winning guides, exploring by vehicle and on foot.

With camps located deep in the heart of leopard country in a land of winding rivers and shady forests, you will find the perfect blend of tranquility and adventure. Spend time in our wildlife hides photographing animals up close and personal, or return to the wild with our signature Sleepout under the stars!
Map Day 6 - 10 Day 1 - 5
Two Rivers Map
Day 6 - 10 Day 1 - 5


Best season for
15 – 30 °C / 59 – 86 °F
  • Animals are fat and happy with their young
  • Excellent bird watching
  • Wildlife photography is epic with excellent colour contrasts
14 – 30 °C / 57 – 86 °F
  • Walking safaris are happening in earnest
  • Carmine bee-eaters start nesting
  • Epic leopard and lion sightings
14 – 39 °C / 57 – 102 °F
  • Predator action as wildlife start gathering at water supllies
  • Endangered wild dog sightings increase
  • River crossings of large breeding elephant herds
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